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The Democratic Debate Gave Donald Trump His Biggest Boost Yet!

Donald Trump

Someone joked that at last week’s Democrat debate, Jim Webb hadn’t been surrounded by so many communists since  Vietnam. Regardless of what you thought of last week’s circus, here are two reasons that Donald Trump and Republicans are the winner of that debate.

Both Republican Debates Trumped the Democrat Debate

The Democratic debate had impressive viewership. To quote DZ, “According to Nielsen Fast National ratings data, CNN’s Democratic debate averaged 15.3 million total viewers last night. That would make it the sixth-biggest nonsports cable telecast in history.” That sounds impressive at first, but as Young Conservatives points out: The first Republican debate nabbed over 24 million eyeballs, while the second took in 23 million viewers.

Trump Trumped the Democrat Debate

After the first Republican debate, the top contenders saw huge leaps in their social media followings. Hillary and Sanders did the same, but hilariously Donald Trump, who was live tweeting the debate, attracted a larger following than all the Democrats….. combined:


Does this foreshadow a loss for the Democrats? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.