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BREAKING: The Democrat Race For President Is Officially OVER!

Hillary Clinton

The inevitable Democratic nominee officially became the Democratic nominee last night.

Bernie Sanders had been remaining in the race in hopes that he would win California – a State with 475 delegates up for grabs. It was a long shot, but it was widely speculated that perhaps momentum could shift following a California victory, causing Hillary’s superdelegates to pledge to Sanders at the DNC in July.

Hillary Clinton made history Monday as she became the first woman to win a major party’s presidential nomination, ending a grueling primary that suggested that her return to the White House will be anything but easy.

Wins in Guam and Puerto Rico, along with superdelegates sliding her way, put the former Secretary of State, Senator from New York and First Lady of the United States and of Arkansas over the top, according to The Associated Press. The evening alert brought the long-awaited end to her fierce primary campaign against populist rival Bernie Sanders, who proved a more durable and formidable opponent than she had expected, and an American electorate that, even after decades in the public eye, still was not warm toward Clinton. The news also came just one day short of eight years since Clinton herself conceded to Barack Obama in 2008.

Now we wait for what will probably be the most entertaining series of Presidential debates the country has ever seen….


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  1. Dean says:

    Get out the mops, folks….this is going to be BLOODY…