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The Fight Against Transgender Bathrooms Just Got A HUGE New Supporter!

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The reason why common sense people love Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson is because he deals in common sense with a religious point of view. Make no mistake about it, Robertson is a man of the cloth, he will have it no other way. He loves this nation and he enjoys reminding America about its morals and how important they are to remember and practice them.

Robertson has made it his mission to carry the word of God everywhere and speak out on things that are not of the Word of God. He’s picked up many enemies and detractors but he continues to push forward to allow his spiritual father to guide his footsteps.

Although he has a hit TV series, he’s not part of the filth of Hollywood nor does he subscribe to the ideals of Barack Obama and his warped mind. Robertson took time to answer a few questions from the Hollywood Reporter and these sort of stuck out in plain view for me to notice.

From AOL.com:

Besides making a movie for Citizens United, you’re helping raise money for them via an email sent to conservatives that speaks of transgender bathrooms?

They just wanted me to speak my mind. Common sense tells you, you have a man in a bathroom, and the women have theirs, and they have their little daughters in there. Things have gone real well operating under that arrangement.

So you don’t like President Obama’s recent declaration that schoolchildren should use whatever bathroom they identify with?

There’s been a lot of decrees in the past five years that I don’t agree with, and that’s just one of them. I don’t know what percent of Americans are confused about whether they are male or female, but I’m a Bible man with common sense, and logic tells me you’re either a boy or a girl, absent a few medical aberrations.

The trailer for your new movie shows Nazis and mass murderers, then all of a sudden there’s Miley Cyrus. What’s your problem with her?

The founding fathers were godly men, and I’m no different. … Our founders said once your religion goes, then your morality goes, then your freedom goes, and you see with Bernie Sanders they’re wanting to get rid of the Republic and replace it with socialism. America is floundering in sin, and I know that’s a unique word in your part of the country. If you don’t see the decadence around you, dude, promoted by Miley Cyrus and others in Hollywood, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you got an argument in favor of decadence, then give it to me.

Whatever you say about Robertson, he sticks to what he believes and he won’t back down from it. We need more Americans like this today. Stick to you guns and don’t back away because someone looked at you funny or asked you to clarify your position. Stand on principle and don’t look away.

What did you think of Robertson’s bold statements about Obama’s transgender bathroom policy and Cyrus? Share your opinions below and add this story to your Facebook  and Twitter timeline.



  1. Priscilla says:

    Truth is truth…..common sense is common sense. The devil is the “d” evil. We who love this country have to stand up…speak our minds….and NOT let “EVIL” win. Simple as that!

  2. Jesse says:

    Phil has it right. America is DOOMED and Obammy’s election was the start of a rapid downfall into the Sewer of time. America started the downfall when the IDIOTS of the Supreme Court ruled that there was a separation of Church and State based on a LIE. Next step was also taken by IDIOTS on the Supreme Court when they allowed abortion based on the LIE of implied right to privacy. See if there were such an implied right then pat downs and home searches would be Unconstitutional. Now Obammy and the IDIOTS on the current Supreme Court have taken that final really big step which is Gay marriage and LGBTQ rights. See they are calling GOD a LIAR and that man is Holy and GOD is not and that is the Biggest LIE Obammy has told next to the one where he claims to be a Christian. Obammy has only one GOD that is himself. So Phil is right Common Sense is DEAD and has been for sometime namely the day Obammy first got elected to office and I mean his first elected office.

  3. Jonathan says:

    What huge spiritual problem? I don’t see a God made law saying segregate the sexes. Satanic Sharia says that. Duck Dynasty might as well be a Muslim.

    1. Jesse says:

      Jonathan GOD made he male and female so he meant they were to be separate. The LIARS who claim they can make a man a woman or that people are made Gay or in the Wrong body are the ones who are WRONG. GOD makes NO MISTAKES and DOES NOT make sinners sin they do that themselves so to claim GOD made these people this way is a LIE of Satan who wants as much Company in the Lake of Fire for eternity as he can get and this LIE of the LGBTQ WACKOS and SICKOS since they are both CRAZY and SICK(preverted). It took three steps to be DOOMED as she is and Obammy being elected to office was the biggest and final step to that DOOM.

    2. John says:

      Phil Robertson is correct on all of what he is talking about Jonathon.
      Do you have understanding in all of this about issues that matter to this nation and the fact that this nation is under the grip of SATAN right now.
      Men use the mens room not the other way around same for the women are we clear on this.?