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The High-Flying Blue Angels Just Made it Into the Record Books- This is Historic!

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The U.S. Navy’s elite Blue Angels flight team is welcoming their first female pilot in its almost 70-year history. And they are celebrating!

Marine Corps Capt. Katie Higgins, who is an American patriotic third generation military aviator, will thrill crowds across America with challenging aerial maneuvers. She is worthy of joining this iconic team.

“It’s a really great honor to be a part of the Blue Angels,” Higgins said on “Fox and Friends” this morning. “It’s a really, really great opportunity to be here and I love it.”

She said the message she wants to get across to young people of both genders is that women can do whatever they put their minds to.

“I might be the face of female aviation right now for the Marine Corps, but we’ve had women in the Marine Corps aviation field since 1993,” Higgins said. “Actually, six percent of the Marine Corps is female, so they can do whatever they want to do. And they’ve been doing it for almost 20 years now.”

via Fox News

Watch Capt. Katie Higgins interview here on Fox News:

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