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These NRA Spots DESTROY The Liberal Narrative On Gun Control – MUST WATCH!


Nobody does a better job of explaining and defending the Second Amendment than the National Rifle Association – and their newest ads are a perfect example.

Highlighting the hypocrisy of anti-gun celebrities and politicians who want gun control for everyone… except their armed security forces.

“They don’t like how the men and women who build their office buildings, vacation homes and luxury cars … who mop their floors, clean their clothes and serve their dinner … have access to the same level of protection as their armed security guards. They want you to surrender your freedom for a false promise of government-provided security they will never rely upon themselves.

“But no amount of money, power or fame gives anyone the right to take our freedom away,” he said. “At the core of the Second Amendment is the eternal truth that no life is more worthy of armed protection than another.”

Now watch this 2nd spot which highlights the failed gun control policies of Venezuela and how they paved the way for the rise of socialism in that nation.

H/T – NRA News/Youtube

You have to admit these ads are great! They go right to the core of why we support the 2nd amendment and tackle the liberal agenda!

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