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The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For: An Actual Apology to Republicans About Obamacare Lies!


Mark Halperin, editor for a major news organization in Bloomberg Politics, essentially confessed that Republicans were right all along about Jonathan Gruber’s involvement in Obamacare, and that the President and administration lied to him and the American people.

Gruber of course, is the academic genius who helped craft Obamacare by misleading “stupid” American voters. He readily admitted to constructing “phase-ins” and hiding language in order to make the bill easier to pass, and to dupe those he deemed less intelligent.

While Republicans rightly referred to the pompous Gruber as ‘the architect of Obamacare,’ Obama and his minions denied he played any significant role on the President’s signature legislation.

Halperin, to his credit, says Obama was not “fully forthcoming,” and he apologized to his Republican sources for getting it wrong.

Via The Blaze:

“I owe all my Republican sources an apology because they kept telling me he was hugely involved, and the White House played it down.” Halperin said on “Morning Joe” Monday. “They were right. The Republicans were right.”

When asked if the White House “lied” about Gruber’s role in the creation of Obamacare, Halperin said, “I think they were not fully forthcoming.”

Everyone else on the panel refused to say the White House “lied,” but co-host Mika Brzezinski did admit it “certainly appears” that officials did not tell the truth.

Over 20,000 e-mails reviewed by the Wall Street Journal show that Gruber was frequently consulted by staffers and advisers for both the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) about the Affordable Care Act.

Watch Halperin’s apology to Republicans below…

Comment – Are you more surprised that the administration lied, or that a member of the mainstream media would actually apologize for getting a story wrong?