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The One Thing That Makes Fool Proof Bacon Every Time… And You Already Have it in Your Kitchen!


Cooking bacon is pretty easy but if you look away too long, you can end up with a burnt breakfast. If you like your bacon like I do, the perfect ratio of crisp and tender, you’ll want to see this easy life hack! Watch (below) as the man in the video demonstrates the secret ingredient to perfectly cooked back: water!


H/T: Faithtap

Have you ever cooked bacon this way? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be giving this a shot this weekend!



  1. Niels says:

    I aggree, the oven method is by far the best and most reliable … It´s just not very energy efficient if you are only cooking a few pieces.

  2. Rick says:

    Seriously? What a doofus. All you have to do is put bacon strips on a cookie sheet into a cold oven. Set to 400 @ 14 minutes….perfect everytime. No mess.

  3. Niels says:

    This is not a good method, and trust me, I have eaten and cooked more bacon than is good for anyone. It will just take a lot of extra time with the water, and also will make the pan really messy with the boil-in of the resulting soup of water+bacon grease.

    If you have a problem with the bacon getting burned, turning black/dry etc. its probably because the pan is too warm when you start and it takes some time for the bacon grease to melt. A much better solution is to simply start with the bacon on a cold pan and allow it to heat up somewhat more slowly – when enough fat is melted from the bacon, it will protect the bacon from burning/blackening. And the bacon cooks more evenly if the pan is really covered in grease.

    Actually, for the best result, just add more grease to the pan before you start cooking. It won´t kill you, and the bacon will NOT suck up the extra fat and make you more unhealthy.