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The Reason This Officer Was Turned Away From Chuck E. Cheese Will Make You See RED

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Chuck E. Cheese’s is a family establishment and as such, instituted a no firearms policy. As anyone in Chicago knows, only criminals abide by “gun free zone” requirements. Those who carry legally are the individuals who follow these rules, as they are generally rule-followers to begin with.

Employees at a Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese took the rule too far when they denied entry to an on-duty police officer because she was carrying a firearm. Fox 5 Atlanta reported on the ridiculous situation:

The gun-toting officer encountered the problem at the Chuck E. Cheese in the Greenwood Mall in the city of Bowling Green, prompting outrage from some people, including a sheriff from a neighboring jurisdiction, WBKO-TV reported Friday.

“I was upset,” Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle told the station. “I was shocked for that officer and also for all the patrons there because you know if you have an obvious police officer and they’re wearing police clothing, then I don’t understand what the problem would be having someone like that with the training and experience of a police officer [coming] into an establishment.”

The incident is a sad commentary on several parts of our society. We view guns as always evil, without the ability to differentiate between what they are capable of in the hands of criminals and in the hands of the “good guys.” The employee who turned this police officer away was clearly unable to make a judgment call, and instead followed the letter of the rule without understanding the spirit behind it. The spirit behind that rule was to ensure the safety of the chain’s young patrons. Had a criminal walked in with a gun; remember, only the law-abiding listen to gun-free rules; a police officer present could have meant the difference between a few injuries and mass death.

The chain has called the incident an unfortunate error. Hopefully the next time a police officer tries to enter a Chuck E. Cheese establishment, they will be treated with the respect that their badge earns them.

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