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The Return of Coach Acey Shaw: An American Tale

5 State title runs in a row. One tiny town. Dietrich, Idaho, population 350, is the setting. It’s a great tale of American resilience, bravery, and overcoming the odds. It’s enough to wet the eyes of the toughest rancher. And we think it says a little something about the American character.

Acey Shaw is the hero in this tale. In March of 2011, Shaw contracted a brain virus under very unusual circumstances – tending to a newborn calf. The virus nearly crippled Shaw, leaving him unable to see, speak, or walk.

In any other town, maybe nobody would have noticed. But Shaw is really Coach Shaw, head of the women’s high school basketball team. You see, Coach Shaw hasn’t just been rehabbing his entire body and brain. He hasn’t just been struggling to remain steady and brave for his family. He’s also continued to coach his basketball team.

To five straight state championships.

ESPN recently featured Coach Shaw on their E:60 program. Check out this awesome trailer below!

If you catch the program, let us know what you think of it!