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The Top 3 Most RIDICULOUS Excuses Liberals Give For the Rise of ISIS


Liberals don’t understand a great deal, but one key difference between them and conservatives is the understanding that evil exists in the world. Things aren’t always black and white. But when ISIS fills mass graves with elderly women because they are too old to be sex slaves, it’s safe to say that group is evil.

Unfortunately, liberals are unable to accept that the United States has enemies which need and deserve nothing but total annihilation. In the last year, they have given some warped reasons why ISIS commits crimes against humanity, like beheading Westerners (including Americans). Here are the top 3 reasons liberals are too dangerous to trust on defense:

  1. Bernie Sanders:  During the last Democratic debate, Vermont Senator and resident “Crazy Uncle” of the Far Left, blamed the rise of ISIS and the latest attack in Paris which left over 120 dead on “climate change.” Think Progress, a left-wing propaganda mill, backed up his claims.
  2. Obama State Department: How could the United States convince ISIS to stop burning captives alive in cages? Why, job growth of course! Back in February when a State Department official made these comments, even radical liberal and Obama-mouthpiece MSNBC host Chris Matthews pushed back.
  3. John Kerry: Current Secretary of State John Kerry has ruffled a lot of feathers around the world, but especially in France, after the mass terror attack which took place there last week. He stated that there was a legitimacy and rationale for previous attacks against the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a Kosher supermarket.

Apparently it’s impossible for liberals to understand that sometimes evil doesn’t act logically, or that perhaps, there’s no logic for terror.

Compare these responses to that of Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, who immediately after the attacks vehemently stated that the war between ISIS and the West isn’t a grievance-based conflict. There is no justification for terror. He said:

“They hate us because of our values. They hate us because young girls here go to school. They hate us because women drive. They hate us because we have freedom of speech and diversity in our religious beliefs. This is a clash of civilizations. Either they win or we win.”