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The Truth about Immigrants and Welfare – It’s Not What the Liberals Want You to Think


When’s the last time you heard someone claim that illegal immigrants come to America to work hard, not claim welfare? It’s interesting that liberals think they know what’s going on in the heads of illegals, but even if it were true, it wouldn’t mean that illegals aren’t a burden on the taxpayer. As we all know, illegals who have children will have children who are American born citizens, and can thus enter the public school system (to a median cost of roughly $11,500 per student, by the way).

But new research shows that even the claim about immigrants having no interest in welfare is a lie, whether they be legal or illegal. To quote from Breitbart:

According to a report released Wednesday from the Center for Immigration Studies, 51 percent of immigrant-headed households (both legal and illegal) reported using at least one welfare program during the year in 2012. Thirty-percent of native-headed households meanwhile used at least one welfare program.

“If immigration is supposed to benefit the country, then immigrant welfare use should be much lower than native use,” Steven Camarota the CIS’s Director of Research and the report’s author said. “However, two decades after welfare reform tried to curtail immigrant welfare use, immigrant households are using most programs at higher rates than natives.”

This is the part where a liberal chimes in and says “but at least illegals are paying taxes,” since it is true that in many areas, illegals do pay a large portion of a State’s sales tax. But even that claim is false, because illegals don’t tend to pay other taxes:

On average, immigrant-headed households had tax liability in income and payroll taxes in 2012 that was about 11 percent less than native households, or about 89 cents for every dollar native households pay.

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  1. George W Bush said ” family values don’t stop at the border “, and really got the flood started.

    Then we have Juan Mccain COSPONSOR an Amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy.

    Then Mittens shared full love for the illegals.

    The ” Repugs ” are every bit the leftist-progressive globalists that the Dims are.

    scholar Seymour Lipset has said, “The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate point to histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy.”

  2. David says:

    anything a “LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE” acehole is doing is NOT WHAT THEY ARE REALLY UP TO; SICK MINDED self destructive fascist mentality has taken America down the wrong road to survival; if these mentally ill sociopaths do not like America as it was founded “GET YOUR FECES OUTTA HERE”.

    1. David………..we need to help the entire Bush crime family pack, McShame and Palin, Mittens and Ryan , Boehner, Mcconnell, Glenn Beck the globalist huckster and all the other WIDE OPEN BORDER globalist traitors, in BOTH major parties.

      Add in Rubio, Christy, and the usual lemmings running for Puppet-in-Chief, and all the assorted Koch-suckers

  3. Adrian says:

    With the welfare, school education, added policing, criminal justice, etc. each of these families is costing us about $20,000 more than their contribution to the economy. With 11 million in 2.2 million families that is $44 billion per year. It would cost about half that to deport them.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. 11 million ? where did you get such an absurdly-low number?

      even Mexicos’ former ambassador sez at least 30 million-