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The Unbelievable Way This Professor Said Students Could Pass Their Final…


Universities are known for being hotbeds of liberalism. Where students once sat in classrooms learning organic chemistry and Socrates, they now take classes like ‘Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self.’ The professor of this class, taught at the publicly funded University of California, San Diego (UCSD) had one request of his students taking their final exams: “to be either physically naked or ‘emotionally naked’ to pass the final.”

According to Amanda Fitzmorris, chair of the College Republicans at UCSD, in the eleven years professor Ricardo Dominguez has taught this class, only one student has opted to be “emotionally naked.” That means the entire classroom, including Dominguez, sat naked while taking their final exams.

What exactly are students learning, or proving they have learned, by being nude in a classroom among students and a professor of the opposite gender? Being nude doesn’t prove one is comfortable being their “true self” but instead shows a student is incapable of expressing themselves outside of their sexuality. The scenario of students stripping down naked as part of their grade is already abusive, and is ripe for physical abuse both by the professor and fellow students.

The University claims that being naked is not a requirement, but given the overwhelming majority of those who bare all, one can easily understand how students could feel pressured into stripping in order to pass. The University, and therefore this class and its professor, are funded with a combination of taxpayer dollars and the tuition payments of its students, including many parents.

Comment below: How would you react if your son or daughter was a student in this class?



  1. omaramike says:

    This is seriously out of line but you must remember it is California so it is unreasonable to expect any trace of normalcy. You shouldn’t remove your students from the so called schools, you need to escape from the entire state. Don’t misunderstand, I’m from Connecticut and I will tell you the same thing about Connecticut, Rhode Island, Mass. New Hampshire and Vermont. I wouldn’t even drive through DC. It’s the anti America politicians that are the killing blow.

  2. Leah says:

    I would like to know the requirements of being stripped naked emotionally? The post stated only ONE opted out of nudity. I would like to know what was envolved in the opt-out.

  3. Adrian says:

    That man should be a registered sex offender and cutting weeds for a living.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  4. Sharon says:

    Yank them out, & find a more decent college. IF that’s even possible. There seems to be one or two professors, at almost all of our colleges, like the one in this story. It’s appalling, & parents need to start standing against it, & stop giving their hard earned money to these schools. And, the alumni need to stop funding these schools. Hitting them in their pocketbook is the only way to stop it.