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VA Deputy Director Runs The WORST Veterans Charity!

The Veterans Administration has rightly been the subject of intense scrutiny from both sides of the political spectrum. Wait times are notoriously long, and according to one report, over 300,000 veterans have died waiting for care. The VA has also been caught manipulating statistics so it would appear that wait times are shorter than they actually are.

It’s a preview of what socialized medicine would be like, and it’s not pretty. The VA is failing our veterans – and so are their employees. CNN recently reported on the worst charity for veterans – and you probably won’t be surprised who runs it.

Nothing says public servant like driving a Rolls Royce, right? Thomas Burch works as both the deputy director for the VA’s Office of General Counsel and as CEO of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, an organization that has collected more than $29 million over a four-year period. Less than 2% of those funds ended up directly benefiting veterans and their causes,CNN’s Drew Griffin and Jake Tapper reported last night, and NVVF got a “zero stars” rating from 2010 to 2014, which it still has to this day.

So where did the money go? More of it went to travel expenses than it did to veterans, at least in 2014, and most of it went to professional fundraisers and telemarketers: look a little closer on those same filings and you can see that nearly all of those donations have been cycled back to telemarketers, leaving less than 2 percent for actual veterans and veterans’ charitable causes. …

The charity’s most recently filed tax return, for 2014, lists a catalogue of expenses paid for by donations: including $133,000 for travel, $21,000 for unnamed “awards”, $70,000 for a category described as “other expenses” and even a little more than $8,000 for parking. …

According to the charity’s tax filings, though, it accounted for about $122,000 in cash donations to veterans, out of more than $8.5 million raised in donations in 2014. That is less than 2% of the charities cash donations being used to support veterans and their families.

That’s whose running the VA – people who couldn’t care less about helping our veterans in both the public and private sector.

H/T HotAir and CNN

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