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Their Beloved Teacher Was Battling Cancer So Students Did Something for Her She’ll Never Forget

Ask anyone who is battling or has battled cancer and they’ll tell you their strength comes from their support system. Thankfully, Adriana Lopez has a slew of elementary school kids to lean on during her fight with breast cancer.

teacher cancer

To show just how much they love and support her, the student chorus of Public School 22 in Staten Island, New York, serenaded Lopez, who’s one of their teachers.

The students have a ritual each year of singing a song with their choral instructor on the last day of class. But this year they put a twist on it and decided to perform Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” in honor of Lopez.

The performance moved Lopez to tears. Afterwards she said, “It’s not easy but I will get through it because I have wonderful friends at this school.”

This was an extraordinary action from a beautiful room of kids who felt the song they sang for their teacher. What did you think of the tribute? Share your views below in our comment section and add this story to your facebook/twitter timeline.

H/T – PS22 Chorus, WHTITV