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There Was a Clear-Cut Winner During Last Night’s Early GOP Debate – America, Take Notice!

There was an unexpected clear winner of the so-called “undercard” GOP presidential primary debate earlier last night on Fox News – Carly Fiorina.

According to several analytic services, Fiorina was the most searched for and most mentioned candidate during and following the debate. Nate Silver of 538 Media (who is the premier predictor of elections in recent election cycles thanks to his new data analysis algorithms) tweeted:

The former HP CEO came out strong, composed and well spoken. In the below clip she took her shot at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton:

Fiorina took the national stage and showed America why she should be considered for the highest seat in the land and she’s picked up a lot of attention. Where does she go from here? Let us know what you thought in our comment section and share this on your twitter/facebook wall for discussion.

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Comments on “There Was a Clear-Cut Winner During Last Night’s Early GOP Debate – America, Take Notice!”

  1. Total kabuki theater…………..and the “moderators” were worse than most of the puppets on parade.

    And if the Trumpster does not get it line, he will get ” Wellstoned “, or maybe a ” Pat Tillman Tattoo ”

    Frank Zappa once said, “Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex”.

    I don’t believe in Democrats and Republicans. I believe what the late, great comedian Bill Hicks said of American politics.
    The winner of a Presidential election is taken to a screening room in the White House, shown the Zapruder film and then asked: “Any questions?”.