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There’s A 95-Percent Chance THIS Republican Will Be Trump’s VP!

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Many voters will tell you it doesn’t really matter who Donald Trump picks as his vice presidential candidate because Hillary Clinton is the worst choice to ever be on the presidential ballot! I hear from experts how nobody votes for the bottom of a ticket, only the top. I understand this more than you know but I don’t agree with it.

The Democrats had lightning in a bottle with Bill Clinton and Al Gore back in the 1990s. The country saw these two young bucks and thought, hey “why the hell not.” Young men with great vision and the stamina to get the country moving. Albeit, they ran the country in the wrong direction but the nation has to be galvanized with the VP pick, I am here to tell you.

I believe Trump is going to crush that lying, un-American, Hillary! Only a complete moron would vote for her, and this country is peppered with them everywhere.

From The Hill:

A Donald Trump campaign stop in Indiana scheduled for Tuesday is raising speculation that the presumptive Republican nominee will announce Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate.

The Washington Times reported Sunday evening that Pence has a “95 percent probability” of being Trump’s choice, according to sources close to the campaign and to the governor.

The first-term Indiana governor’s name has surfaced in recent weeks as a contender for the position. Pence tepidly endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas before the state’s May primary, but later backed Trump, praising the chance to “take a new direction” in Washington. “The kind of leadership that I truly do believe, to borrow a phrase, will make America great again,” Pence said during a Thursday campaign stop, according to The Associated Press.

Others said to be under consideration for vice president are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

Trump has said he will make an announcement before the Republican National Convention, which begins on July 18. Pence, who is seeking reelection to a second term as governor, would have to withdraw from that contest by noon on July 15 if he’s going to run as Trump’s vice president.

I guess Trump wants to shore up his support with cultural conservatives & evangelicals. Last Tuesday when he and Newt were scheduled at a rally together, many thought he was gauging the crowd for a solid Newt response. Sunday, the liberal media floated General Mike Flynn’s name. Guess they figure if they predict enough people, they’ll get it right.

Do you think it will be Governor Pence from Indiana? Do Newt and NJ Governor Chris Christie still have a chance? Share your voices below in the comment section and give us an idea what Trump should do. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Joy says:

    I am from Indiana and I support Gov. Pence as a vice-presidential candidate. I have met
    him 3 times and find him to be honest, a conservative and a Christian. He has also
    served in Cogress. Trump-Pence, 2016!

  2. Gunflint says:

    Really tired of HooHummmm professional Politicians…How about Retired General Mike Flynn ? We already know how he feels about our Constitution, our Laws, & our current village idiot President.