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These 4 Comments from Trump Put the Current Commander-in-Chief to Shame


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently conducted an interview with the political blogs the Shark Tank and Hispolitica in which he revealed more details on his platform to fight terrorism and build up the military.

The interview (below), reveals several comments that show what a true Commander-in-Chief sounds like, as opposed to the Capitulator-in-Chief that we’ve had for over six years now, who regards terrorists as a JV team .

Here are 4 key points regarding how Trump would handle terrorism and the military — and how they differ from Obama’s:

  1. On Gitmo – “I would keep it, and I would not close it. I would use it, and I would use it well.”
  2. On the military – “We’re letting our military down, we are letting our vets down, we are letting everyone down.”
  3. On building up the military – Trump says that he would seek to make the U.S. military the “strongest, most powerful military,” and having the “best equipment.”
  4. On interrogating terrorists – Not only is Trump open to waterboarding, but he said he would “us(e) all forms of enhanced interrogation tactics in order to extract vital information from Islamic detainees.”

Listen to Trump’s take below …

It seems like such a basic set of rules to live by as the leader of the free world in trying to combat global terrorism.

But take a look at all 4 statements above. These are the things you promise to do if you are pro-American and anti-terrorist.

Now think of the opposite of all four – Obama has been doing, or trying to do, the exact opposite since he set foot in office.

Who would make a better Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump or the Democrat who will continue Obama’s anti-military policies?

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  1. Adrian says:

    You have totally missed the fact that Trump has struck a responsive chord.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for bullets.

  2. richard2653 says:

    On waterboarding: Do you think that there is anybody in the world who still thinks that you can drown from waterboarding? Well, maybe Democrats would believe it.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Obama should be a shame of how he is running our country in a deep hole in stead of pulling us out he keep digging the hole deeper. Trump would have that hole fill in and smooth out. No thank you Obama for your president. You hate America and it show big time. Thank you Trump for giving back my hope that we will survive OBAMA’S AND Obamacare..