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These College Students Got The Shock of Their Lives – Yikes!

Ever since we watched Animal House, we’ve known that American colleges are not places where young people can explore the frontiers of human thought, but party venues where they can hone their dubious skills as comedians.

The latest offering from American campuses comes from Kyle Berry, whose parents are now likely wondering why they paid to send their son to the University of North Carolina.

You see young Kyle just pranked his friends on campus.

But cheer up, Mr. and Mrs. Berry! Your son showed great skill piloting the remote control spider, and displayed a wonderful ability as a showman too:

And besides, doesn’t the world need more laughter? So thanks Kyle for making our day (and making pretentious, coddled students scared out of their minds!)

Hap tip to the London Mail for helping make this go viral. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below: