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These Images Prove Media is LYING About Mass Shootings

As the blog Unbiased America recently pointed out, since 1993, gun violence in America has fallen an astounding 75%. Despite that fact, only 12% of Americans believe that gun violence has declined since then. The explanation? Media bias.

The gun control debate seems to resurge every time there’s a mass shooting, even though only a minority of shooting deaths are in mass shootings. To put into perspective just how unlikely it is for one to be killed in a mass shooting, look at the graphic below:


To explain the numbers in another way, this means that for every 1,000,000 people who die, 6,000 will have been murdered, and of those 6,000 murdered, 12 will be killed in mass shootings. Not exactly an epidemic.

And not exactly an “America problem,” either. Liberal pundits like to act like this is something that only happens in America, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider the information from the chart below:

mass shootings

Two things stand out from this chart: that in proportion to population, one is much more likely to die in a mass shooting in Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Israel, or even Switzerland than in the United States. Also that stands out is that those nations have restrictive firearm laws, while the US has more lax gun laws.

The liberal media can’t continue to lie about gun control if everyone knows the truth.

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h/t IJReview