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I Never Thought These Two Would Join Forces During The Election!

Who saw this coming?

But then again with Sen. Ted Cruz using the secondary rules to try to deny Donald Trump a clear path to the GOP nomination threshold of 1237 delegates, maybe it’s not so surprising.

Gov. John Kasich and Trump joined forces this past weekend to stop the progress of Cruz who allegedly has been strong-arming delegates into supporting him while closing out his counterparts.

From Fox News:

The Kasich campaign defended aiding Trump on the grounds that Cruz deserved it as a punishment for trying to scoop up too many delegates. But whether it was bad blood, pique or part of a larger strategy, Kasich’s part in any anti-Trump strategy is increasingly in doubt.

From Kasich’s point of view, it’s understandable. We all know that the Ohio governor doesn’t have a path to win outright, or even on the first or second ballots in a contested Republican National Convention in July. But at the moment, Kasich doesn’t seem to have much of a path to win many more delegates in the remaining 16 states.

The sweet spot on the calendar for Kasich, a moderate establishmentarian who touts his record of bipartisanship, is the last two weeks of April, when a bevy of liberal Northeastern states hold their primaries.

The plan laid out by Mitt Romney and backed by the #NeverTrump movement is for voters to back the candidate with the best chance to deny Trump on a state-by-state basis, at this point either Cruz or Kasich.

Cruz is keeping up his side with not only primary wins in redder states to the west, but also working the process to Hoover up more delegates as the nitty-gritty of the selection process plays out.

This dirty ploy of Cruz has come to an end.

Yes, he temporarily got away with it in Louisiana, North Dakota, Colorado and so forth, but, it’s short lived. That’s how crafty types like Cruz get ducked in the end. The end is near, in six weeks.

In the meantime we will see more liberal reporter talkers at round tables speaking of how Cruz will prevail and Trump will not while hearing, then ignoring, the actual experts that say otherwise.

If Cruz gets the nomination, and that is a big if, he will not win the Presidency. Cruz has no crossover appeal and to win he needs Trump’s supporters. Do you think most are going to show up knowing Trump had the most delegates, won the most states, and received the most votes, but lost to Cruz? Let the Republicans lose the Presidency, every state, and federal election in 2016, maybe then they will listen to the will of the people.

What do you think about Kasich and Trump joining forces in Michigan to stop the Cruz campaign with delegates? Is this cheating?  Share your comments (below) and let me know your opinions.

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