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They Thought He Was Crazy… But When You See What He Invented, You’re Going to Want One Too!


Meet Robbie Maddison, America.

He’s a stuntman, most famous for serving as Daniel Craig’s body double in the last Bond movie, Skyfall.

And this Aussie loves cheating death so much that this is how he spends his vacation days:

Yep, he’s surfing. On a motorcycle. Because that’s what we all do when we’re not at work.

Maddison has been surfing since he was 8, and had the idea for motorcycle surfing two years ago. It was an idea that he just couldn’t shake, and so he spent months remodeling his bike – adding skis and an extra tire – before attempting to use it on the dangerous waves that crash over the Tahiti shoreline.

Maddison, unsurprisingly, thought that the experience “might be the end of my life.” But fear not! He’s still alive… and now planning his next stunt.

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H/T: London Telegraph