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Here’s the Nationwide Support for Police That Has Obama Furious

thin blue line

Along with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has come a rise in anti-police rhetoric – which we’ve already seen translate into violence. Things have gotten so bad that even President Obama has stated that “if we paint police with a broad brush… then we’re going to lose allies in the reform cause.”

I guess even Obama realizes that the chants of “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” at their rallies aren’t going to do much to mend tensions between police and the public. Unfortunately, those radicals who would make such chants at BLM’s rallies aren’t those at the fringes, they’re the norm. The three women who founded BLM idolize convicted and escaped cop killer Assata Shakur – is it really a stretch to say that the movement is anti police? Of course not.

Luckily, the rise in anti-police rhetoric is being met with resistance.

There’s a blue line spreading in New Jersey downtowns. It has appeared in the space between the double yellow line running down main streets, in parks and even county roads. Often, it runs right by a police station.

As many across the country rush to show their support for police in the wake of shootings targeting officers, the thin blue line is showing up more and more. In addition to paint on the street, it’s on T-shirts, wristbands, and flags.

Traditionally, the line represents the role law enforcement serves, standing between law-abiding citizens and the criminal element.

But Rodney J. Sawyer, police chief of Mantua Township in Gloucester County, said the blue line painted in Chestnut Branch Park also stands for camaraderie and unity between officers, among other things.

“It stands in support of a profession that in recent months has come under fire and attacked as a symbol of conspiracy, cover ups, and accused of racist behavior,” he said in an email. “It represents the solidarity displayed within the profession when a Law Enforcement Officer makes the ultimate sacrifice… It is the thin blue line in the midst of tragedy that rushes in as others rush out.”

Some towns have also painted red lines to honor firefighters, but there are different ideas about how to support EMTs and paramedics. In Bergen County, Glen Rock used white paint, while Dumont opted for green.

Here are some photos:

thin blue line















thin blue line

thin blue line


















These lines are being painted in some of the safest communities within New Jersey – which should come as a reminder that the police there are doing their jobs – and doing them well!

H/T: NJ.com

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