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Some Think This Halloween Stunt Went Too Far… But I LOVE IT!

Reddit user ChutneyRain has to go through life as an amputee. But the doctors didn’t remove her dark sense of humor… or her love of Halloween.

What she did next is strangely inspiring and creepy at the same time!

Here’s how she described it:

So my family is pretty morbid, I mean we crack really awful jokes about my missing a leg all the time. My mum and I were at the Spirit store and we found a fake leg, and well…we came up with this freaky ass photoshoot. Why sit around and wallow when you can disturb the normal folk to no end?

And the results of the Halloween photo shoot is something you’re sure to remember:




She may have won Halloween with this ridiculous collection of photos. Well done, ChutneyRain!