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BREAKING: Third Party Candidate Entering Race To Stop Trump?!?!

Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol has clearly decided he dislikes the GOP nominee Donald Trump so much he is willing to throw the election to a 3rd nightmare Barack Obama term with Hillary Clinton, which will ensure a left wing Supreme Court for the next 40 years.

That isn’t exactly what I thought conservatism was all about, but Kristol and those with him seem to be happy with the idea of conservatism being some kind of Holy Cult that never exercises power by actually winning elections. It’s really insane and disgusting. Kristol and his ilk aren’t just betraying Conservatism, they are betraying the nation.

He already hasn’t delivered on this promise so what should people believe?

From Newsmax:

Bill Kristol, one of the nation’s leading conservatives and editor of the influential Weekly Standard tweeted on Saturday: “Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.”

But if the news is true, it could be bad news from Trump, who himself had threatened a third party bid during the early stages of the GOP primary.

On Monday, NBC News Sunday listed potential independent candidates Kristol may have in mind.

The network identified Mitt Romney, but said sources close to the former Mass. governor saw his entrance into the race as “unlikely.”

They also discounted Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a strong critic of Trump, signing on.

But the network identified potential wildcard choices, including former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice and current New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez.

But the Kristol news indicates Trump appears to have failed in winning over key conservative base support as he prepares for the RNC’s July convention in Cleveland, usually a unifying event for the party.

Two leading conservative thought publications – Kristol’s Weekly Standard and the National Review, remain staunchly opposed to his candidacy, even with Trump close to holding the official Republican imprimatur.

Any presidential run by an independent candidate from the conservative right would provide Clinton with the keys to the White House….and that is not a guess it is a fact. Further, any such person crazy enough to try it will be scorned for life.

I wish nothing but ill will for either Kristol or Romney or any of their followers, supposed patriots and conservatives. You are all such whiners that you cannot see the forest for the trees. In every race, physical or at the ballot box, there are losers and there is a winner. The losers can whine and moan, and ruin their careers for that, or they can get behind the winner and make the best out of what they perceive as a lemon. Lemonade is not all bad at all.

These self-absorbed, arrogant narcissists cannot possibly think they are creating something for the better.

I hope none of them come back to the Republican Party, and if they do, I will campaign against their involvement. These idiots do not care at all about the American constituency.

What do you think about Bill Kristol’s promise? Do you think he has a third party candidate to run against Trump what do you think it is all just a large amount of noise? Share your comments below thank you us an idea of what you are thinking.

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  1. Rexford says:

    I see another person who is not going to have a job in the near future. When that happens he will join the Dems to collect welfare. Your entitled to your opions but if the Republican don’t get their act together they are going to implode and be extinct in the future. Has the GOP forgotten? It’s all about the will of the people in a Democracy.

  2. Kelly says:

    moron this could actually help trump by taking votes from hillary and he wouldnt get half as many votes as trump lol

  3. Elise says:

    You people just don’t get it! Trump is the man, we the people chose. You won’t be satisfied until you destroy the party and lose the White House all because you refuse to accept him. We want him, so get use to it or don’t vote! But we don’t need a third candidate, so you will be happy you defeated him.

  4. Ted says:

    Sorry BILLY K. Trump is the man–Hillary will be indicted and your stuck with Biden–

    too bad if Trump gets in i’d watch my back or check my brakes if i were you–

    Trump will clean house like never before–watch him

  5. AmericanBelle says:

    It’s time to demand from Krystal and his cohorts exactly what they contributed to in the last 8 years to ensure that the GOP was successful in its conservative agenda, as well as succeeding in blocking all liberal/progressive actions of Democrats and the Obama administration! Where were their strengths? How did they overcome the corruption of this administration? What laws did they get passed that garnered the conservative policies they are now postulating?

    To be sure, if they had been involved at least one teeny tiny iota, would we have gay marriage and teaching our kindergartners about homosexuality? Would people who disagreed with homosexuality on religious grounds be fined, penalized, lose their businesses and go to jail? IOW, would we have been stripped our of religious freedoms and rights as this administration has done? Would primary aged students be going to summer camp to determine whether or not they wanted to change their gender? Would those same students still believe that as white kids, they could grow up to be black kids? Would perverts be claiming they were trannies to get inside bathroomns and shower rooms of girls/women? Would we have Obamacare, dismantling the greatest medical system in the world? Would our employment figures being topping at 20%+ if these people had truly given a damn about conservatism. Would coal miners still have jobs, or frackers, or oil drillers? Wouldn’t we be energy independent, seeing as how our natural resources are greater than the entire Middle East combined, and then some? Would our space program still be operating instead of looking for global warming trends? Would our spy satelites be taken offline so that they could now circle the globe in the hunt of global warming? Could we talk openly and discuss whatever we want, instead of being stripped of our right to free speech mandated by political correctness? What about the consistent writing of illegal and/or unconstitutional executive orders coming out of this White House, more than by any other president in history? This is just the tip of the iceberg….of what these so-called concerned conservatives have watched take over our nation, and are now hoping to continue it all through their recklessness and election of Crooked Hillary?

    They truly don’t give a damn about conservatism…that’s the ruse that allows them to get away with destroying our nation! If our government wasn’t so corrupt right now, these people would be tried for treason!

    In other words, these bastards haven’t care two snoots about conservativism for the last 8 years, and NOW they want to block the first Republican who can win the White House because they don’t like him? He’s not conservative enough for them?

  6. Malissa says:

    LMAO! What makes you think that you can beat Trump when no one else has???????? Listen up you winers, quit crying and put your BIG BOY PANTIES ON…. Join the Nation’s Choice and Quit trying to hurt the only person that seems to give a crap about America. hillary is a liar, Sanders is a communist and this Nation needs a strong leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jerry says:

    Krstol, you are selling this country down the tubes. Trump has a real good chance of beating Hillary or Biden, whichever is standing, but bringing in a third party shill will virtually hand the election to the Democrats and the Supreme Court to the Democrats for many years to come. Trump voters will continue to vote for Trump and along with some Bernie voters may still be able to win. For he sake of the country lets hope so.

  8. Adrian says:

    Wake up! Kristol and that whole bunch are really trying to protect the THEM The Hedonistic Evil Men of Washington, DC who are stealing us blind, sending our sons to wars for profit and taking bribes from everyone they can.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  9. April says:

    Who does Bill Kristol think he is? Has Bill Kristol not gotten the message from we the people? What he thinks all Trump supporters are going to just stop supporting Trump because Bill Kristol found an independent to join in the race. He will bring in another politician with pockets that will need to be lined. No thank I will continue supporting Donald J Trump