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This 103-Year-Old Working Man Has an INSPIRING Message for the Nation!


At 103 years old, Loren Wade still goes to work five days a week – at the same WalMart he’s worked at since he came out of retirement 33 years ago. That’s right, he retired in his 60’s and quickly realized he was bored and needed to stay busy so he took a job at his hometown Walmart in 1982.

“I like to meet people and, being here, I get to talk to a lot of people,” Wade told TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones. “I like being occupied. I usually keep very busy, one thing or another. They see to it that I do.”

Wade is a living reminder of what America used to be – a reminder of a set of values that far too many have forsaken.


On his 103rd birthday in June, he received a phone call from a fellow WW2 veteran –longtime Kansas Senator and former Presidential candidate Bob Dole.

“You’re an inspiration for me. I turned 92 on Wednesday. Maybe I’ll catch you one of these days,” Senator Dole told Loren.

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H/T – Larry Hatteberg