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This Ad Takes the Left’s Idea of Fathers and SHOVES IT! THIS Is What a Real Father Is!

Just in time for Father’s Day, an incredibly touching new ad has been released by Dove in honor of America’s dads. The ad shows the moment men found out from their wives that they would be fathers. It’s a touching montage of home videos which shows uncontrolled joy and excitement. In an age of ever-rising single-motherhood, watching men take on the responsibility of fatherhood is as refreshing as it gets, culturally speaking.

At the end of the ad Dove writes:

Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 7.32.51 AM

Our society has in large measure written off what it means to be a man. Fathers in popular culture are portrayed as bumbling idiots, not important and necessary members of a household. Dove’s ad is a beautiful statement that it takes two to make a baby, two to raise one, and real men stick around for the latter, not just the former.

Comment below: Do you think ads like this make a positive impact on our culture?