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This Bernie Sanders Yard Sign Has Gone Viral – Hilarious!


A defaced Bernie Sanders yard sign has quickly gone viral, and the minute you see it you’ll know why.

First off, here is what the original Sanders campaign sign looks like:


Now here is the sign that somebody … um … “fixed” for the self-described socialist.

Via Fox News Insider:

This hilarious anti-socialism meme is going viral, and it’s easy to see why.

The image shows a yard sign for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, ripped in half.

Attached to the sign is the message, “I took half of your sign because you had one and I didn’t. I’m sure you understand.”

Beneath that, the meme has the text, “Socialism: A great idea until it shows up in your front yard.”

The humorous image has quickly been shared widely on social media.

At the onset of Sanders campaign, he claimed he would “build a mass social movement powerful enough to redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor.”

Now somebody took it upon themselves to redistribute half of his sign to somebody else’s yard.

We’re quite certain the irony is lost on ol’ Bernie.

Here is a quick report on Sanders explaining his concept of socialism:

Comment: Tell us what you think about the defaced campaign sign below. Funny or no?