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Keeping Your Family Warm in Ohio Could Get You ARRESTED!


You do it every morning it is cold out; go out and start your car so you can have it nice and toasty for when you’re drive to the kids to school and head off to work. Totally OK, right?

Nope, says Assistant City Prosecutor Melanie Tobias.

Ohio state law prohibits leaving your keys in a vehicle “unattended.” That’s in the everyday sense of the word (“Not noticed, not supervised, not looked at,” Tobias said).

It’s illegal even if you lock the door and have an extra car key. It’s illegal even if you have a remote-start key, which doesn’t require you to unlock the car or leave a key in the ignition to run the engine.If you’re leaving a car unattended, the law’s first requirement is that the engine be stopped.

Ridiculous! The over-criminalization of everyday activities is getting out of hand!

¬†Should this be a crime? Share a story of a ridiculous and obscure law you’ve run afoul of in the comments.¬†