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This Dad Disciplined His Son On Video…Then The Police Saw It!


The father in the video, identified as Tavis Sellers, has been charged with domestic assault and battery and posted a $5,000 bond. He voluntarily turned himself into police on Friday.

Sellers claims that along with teaching his son a lesson he was also teaching him a lesson about self-defense. However, that story isn’t cutting it with police.

I love my people, but it makes me sad that we don’t see how dysfunctional some of the parenting methods we use are. I hate that so many people want to treat kids like grown-ups. Why does it make sense for a father to “discipline” his child by boxing him? Why is that even an option? Is physical pain really the only way to teach a lesson? 17 might be almost “of legal age,” but the decision-making parts of that child’s brain is nowhere near finished developing.

From Newsninja2012.com:

Some of you will see this father as probably a coward or even worse. I can understand the father’s frustration knowing that his son acted up in school, and there is no excuse for his boy to disrespect the teacher and also walk out of class, but I think this exhibition goes too far.

If he knows boxing, he knows about weight classes and at 340lbs to his sons wet 150, he knows this was an opportunity to take out his aggressions on his son. No difference from him boxing a piñata. Just a pitiful and cowardly exercise than to show off his work and further embarrass his son on the internet.

Here’s the video:

Can you believe it?

Although I understand the willingness to go to extremes to make sure our children learn to make good choices, I have to question whether all the things that we do are necessary? How many times might a different, less brutal method have worked just as well? I also wonder how many of the upcoming generations will say “I turned out this way IN SPITE of my parents’ ‘discipline’ ” vs. our thoughts of “I turned out like this BECAUSE OF my parents’ methods of discipline”?

Sellers, who identified himself as TaDigs Ditches on Facebook said they are a boxing family and it is “no one’s place to judge how he takes care of his business in his house.”

In my opinion, Mr. Sellers needs to re-think his parenting style and acknowledge he made a mistake.

Causing a physical injury by repeatedly punching a person in the face is what OUR society defines as criminal assault.

Check out how some of his Facebook responses

Now watch this:

Do you agree with this disciplinary style? Do you consider as child abuse? Share your comments below and let us know how you would have handled this.