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This Dog’s Ball Is in the Pool But She Doesn’t Want to Get Wet… What She Does About It Is Genius!


It seems that it’s not just humans who are heading to the water this summer. Dogs are wanting to ride the waves too… but in this case, not in the way you’d expect.

Rosie, the pooch you can see in the video below, was eager to fetch her ball.

The only problem? It was in the pool and poor Rosie didn’t want to get wet. Most dogs would have either bothered their owners until they got the ball for them or gone and found something else to chew on. But not Rosie:

Yep. The dog figured out how to use the basket as a mini-sail boat. And she retrieved her ball without getting wet.

Sometimes, I wonder if dogs aren’t smarter than humans.

What’s the best dog trick you’ve ever seen? Let us know below:

H/T: London Mail