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THIS Graphic Is Going Viral After Democrats Pull Publicity Stunt!

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Ever wonder why liberals act the way they do? Can’t have your way? Throw a tantrum. That’s Democrat “leadership” for you. They cannot act in a mature manner no matter what the issue is! I suggest they be roundly ignored, and ANY gun control bill is thrown out and tell the public that these elected officials who are sitting on the floor to get their way are the reason why. They are an embarrassment. They’re also petulant children in adult bodies. This is our Congress? Really?


Note to Congressman John Lewis…..I suggest you read the Constitution and get back to us on what the SECOND AMENDMENT states…..”shall not be infringed”….that means by YOU!

Do Democrats care about preventing untimely deaths, or do they have a bigger agenda? There were four Senate bills submitted regarding gun control, and they were all shot down. Two were from Republicans and the Democrats all voted against those as well. Hard to state that you are pushing for gun control and then vote against those bills.

From The Hill:

Democrats seized the floor and the political spotlight on gun control Wednesday, staging a sit-in that shut down the House and C-SPAN’s cameras.

Lawmakers took over the floor just before midday and said they would not relinquish control until Republicans allowed a vote on legislation to prevent suspected terrorists from buying firearms.

Republicans gaveled the chamber into recess and turned off the House cameras, leaving Democrats to give speeches in a mostly empty chamber.But Democrats used Twitter and other social media platforms to deliver their gun control speeches and chants of “No bill, no break” to a national audience.

And C-SPAN, after repeatedly noting on air that it had no control over the House cameras, switched to Periscope and Facebook Live to air the scene on its main network.

CNN and other cable networks also frequently cut to the House floor, ensuring the Democratic push got a lot of attention.

Democrats on the floor said the sergeant at arms kept reminding them to stop taking photos and video, a violation of House rules. But that didn’t stop Democrats from continuing to whip out their cellphones throughout the sit-in.

Funny, no mention of the 2 Republican bills that the Democrats voted down. But as usual, they only want to cry to get their way. If they want to be babies, keep the House in recess.

I was raised to believe guns were scary and dangerous. Then, I became a father. Now I own a few firearms including an AR, which is not an assault rifle as the media suggests, which is typical because they always try to control the narrative.

For me and many others, they believe that it’s better to have the firearm and never need it, than to need it and not have it. For all of my firearms, I had to submit to a background check as well, which is the law in the state that I live.

I am sure I will be called many names for saying this, but I just want to put forth an honest example that this issue is not split along party lines.

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Comments on “THIS Graphic Is Going Viral After Democrats Pull Publicity Stunt!”

  1. The Congressmen are simply following the lead of the Black Lives Matter thugs. They saw the huge response on social media and nonstop TV coverage that the antics BLM caused with there “Shut It Down” movement and couldn’t resist. All you have to do is get Twitter and Facebook to put something in their top trends and it takes off like wildfire.
    Another reason I think this, is because all of their chants sound just like hashtags. What easier way to get their message out to the masses than with another # on Twitter