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This Guy Is A Sleazeball! Check Out What He Said About 5-Year-Olds To Courtroom Judge!

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As a parent I am troubled by this former editor-in-chief and his arrogant attitude in the courtroom. I also think he’s dangerous and should be locked up and the key thrown away.

I have two 12-year-old daughters and to hear this sleazy slimeball say that he would be ok to publish sex tapes of little kids over the age of five is heartbreaking and gut wrenching.

He must not have any kids or know what it feels like as a parent, but I am sure if he were to share a cell with Bubba or some of the other lifers after they found out he feels this way, his thought process would change quickly.

Former iconic wrestler Hulk Hogan is taking A.J. Daulerio to court after the website Gawker published his sex tape online. Hogan is seeking a huge payday and he could possibly get it.


From  NY Daily News:

Even 5-year-olds would have been fair game at Gawker.

A.J. Daulerio, the former editor-in-chief of the website, defended his decision Wednesday to post a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan, saying that he found the footage “newsworthy” and “amusing.”

Hogan’s attorney, Doug Mirell, asked Daulerio in a taped deposition shown to the jury to imagine a scenario in which a celebrity sex tape wasn’t newsworthy.

“If they were a child,” Daulerio said.

Mirell then asked at what age would such footage not be worth publishing.

“Four,” Daulerio replied.

Hogan has sued the site for $100 million, arguing the video was recorded without his permission and that its publication damaged his career and left him traumatized.

Daulerio said he would have published the video in 2012 even if he’d known beforehand it was recorded without Hogan’s consent.

“I enjoyed watching the video and found it very amusing,” he said. “I thought it was newsworthy and worth discussing and putting on the site.”

H/T – NY Daily News

This guy is the lowest the earth has put out and hopefully he get his in the end. Tell us what you are thinking after reading this story. What is your immediate reaction? Share your comments below and add this story to your Twitter and Facebook timeline.