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This Guy Seemed NUTS When He Wrapped His M16 Rifle With Bacon… THEN, This Happened (WATCH)

Competitive shooter Dustin Ellermann is clearly having fun on YouTube, and loves the classic American breakfast. However, he doesn’t prepare it like you or I do… He cooks it in the wild, by wrapping bacon around the silencer on his M16 assault riffle.

Then, that bacon is covered in tinfoil. After 90 seconds of exciting shooting, you’re ready to eat! GOD BLESS AMERICA!



  1. Mary says:

    Why did this site put this up ???The video has been removed–WHY even bother if you knedw it was removed?

  2. Adrian says:

    Anything to upset the Jihad bunch.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  3. Thomas says:

    And it doubles as a ticket to hell,,, if you’re shooting islamic extremists!