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This Little Girl’s Selfless Act Will Melt Your Heart Before Christmas!


With millions of families around the world set to celebrate Christmas later this month, one little girl in Northern Ireland took it upon herself to alter her family’s traditional Christmas meal. Every year, the Bryson family buys a turkey for Christmas, but this year their 6-year old daughter Athena convinced them to adopt the turkey rather than have it become someone’s dinner.

From Mashable:

“When I asked Athena, who’s six, what she would like for Christmas this year…She told me she would like to save a turkey,” mum Melissa told the Belfast Telegraph. “She wanted to save a turkey for Christmas so nobody would eat it.” “When she went to school the next day I went on the Internet and tried to source a turkey. But everybody I was phoning up said their turkeys had all been slaughtered and they were probably pre-packed in Tesco.”

The family found a farmer that was willing to help with the little girl’s request, and the family has now formally adopted the turkey and decided to name her Valerie!

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