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THIS Man Terrorized Baltimore But What Happened Next Is BIZARRE!


A man here in Baltimore dressed in a Panda suit was shot today by a Police Bomb Unit, who thought he was dangerous. It seemed the young guy was strapped with a bomb to his chest and wasn’t complying with police commands.

I want to know what was so important for him to need to do this. Was it crazy ranting or some terrible atrocity he was aware of? Either way, you shouldn’t walk into some place acting like you’ve got a bomb strapped to you even if you only intend to cause harm to yourself.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life; this moron took two bullets, rather than just stop. The only bad thing here is, now the taxpayers will pay his hospital bills and room/board in whatever prison or mental institution he goes to.

From the Baltimore Sun:

A man dressed in an animal costume and wearing what police suspected was an explosive device strode into a Baltimore television station Thursday afternoon and, after a standoff, was shot three times by city police officers.

The 25-year-old man was in serious condition at a hospital Thursday night. The suspicious device turned out to be chocolate bars, wrapped in foil and attached to wires and a computer circuit board.


“The suspect came out of the building and started advancing towards officers, was not listening to any of the officers’ orders,” Smith said. “Officers were telling him to take his hands out of his pockets.”

Four officers fired at the man, who was struck at least three times, Smith said.

The man remained in the street for more than an hour, police said, his hands still in his pockets and continuing to ignore their commands. Officers eventually brought in a robot to remove his clothes and the device.


Officers could be seen loading the unclothed man into a tactical vehicle and driving away. The tactical vehicle later returned to the station, as officers and firefighters combed the building for any explosives.

The car that was set on fire in the parking lot is believed to be the man’s car, Smith said.

“What he wanted them to air, we’re still investigating,” Smith said. “We don’t have the full answers to that.”

No charges have been filed yet in the incident.

Some Americans think police should shoot to kill a non-compliant bomber regardless of it is proven whether the bomb is real. If the guy says he has a bomb, looks like he could have a bomb, and doesn’t comply with police commands he goes down in a hail of bullets.

Do what the Israelis have learned to do.

Shoot him in the head so he can’t set the device off manually and let him set for a while. Make sure the device isn’t on a timer. Then explore with a robot.

I recently attended a week long training course in suicide bomber prevention and response (conducted by FEMA AND DHS).

We are about 20 years behind the power curve on dealing with this. Clearly we need more and better bomb control. Criminals and crazies can and will always find a way, that is a reality!

What do you think of this guy? How sick is he to do something like this. Did he think he was going to get away or is this suicide by cop? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think.