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This Man Tried To Pay With A $2 Bill – Guess What Happened Next

In episode #120843 of “Why Fast Food Workers Shouldn’t Earn $15 an Hour,” we have the story of what happened when someone attempted to use a $2 during his trip to a local Taco Bell. Check this out!

$2 bill story

H/T Angelfire

And by the way, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a similar story!

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Comments on “This Man Tried To Pay With A $2 Bill – Guess What Happened Next”

  1. Joanne says:

    Service people are just real bright……I was at JC Pennney the17th on Nov..they would not take cash from the customer who just gave them a catalog order…i would have walked out..he was going to have to put the CASH on a gift card and pay WITH THE GIFT CARD??..he finally took out his credit card..I just laughed but the guy did not crack a smile or smart anything off..what the h is wrong with these stores..on the CASH….now I will have to get
    2 dollar bills to give the GRAND KIDS…..THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGH…………..