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This New Poll Is Going to Have Hillary Screaming


A newly released CNN/ORC poll shows Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support. The former First Lady’s public support dropped below 50% for the first time — they dropped 9 points while self-described socialist Bernie Sander gained 10 points. This is fresh evidence that Hillary’s Presidential ambitions may be thwarted.

Hillary’s favorability rating is 44% while 53% of those polled think of her in unfavorable terms. What these numbers really mean? Americans don’t like her.

Here’s another number for you – Clinton is also now only leading Donald Trump in a head to head match-up by six points.

The Democrats would have a public relations nightmare on their hands if Sanders earns the nomination since he refers to himself as a socialist. Hillary’s poor numbers appear to be an invitation for Joe Biden to enter the Democratic primary.

Hillary’s inevitable status as the next President seems to be in serious jeopardy.

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H/T: Free Beacon