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This Newspaper Publisher Just DESTROYED Obama For Politicizing Oregon Shooting


After Obama politicized the shootings at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, one newspaper publisher has had enough, saying that the President would not be welcome in their town.

David Jacques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, responded to rumors that the President might be making a visit to his town.

He explained that Roseburg is, contrary to Obama’s preferred desires, pro-Second Amendment.

Jacques blasted the President for politicizing the shooting, saying “It shows not only a total disdain and disregard for our constitution, but for our very citizens — especially those of us here in Douglas County.”

He added that the President’s presence in an area where he sought to score political points even before the bodies had been identified, would be “very inappropriate” and “disrespectful to the families.”

Watch Jacques destroy Obama for politicizing the tragic shooting:

Via the Independent Sentinel:

Barack Obama and his ilk are using the tragedy in Oregon to attack the Second Amendment. His argument is completely illogical but people are so desperate to stop these horrific murders that they will buy into it without truly thinking about the impossible logic of eliminating every gun and the illegal gun trade. They won’t consider that the gun grabbers will go after knives next as former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg did during his reign.

The people of Roseburg will not go along with Obama’s agenda. This is one tragedy he won’t be able to fully exploit.

The Roseburg Beacon publisher David Jaques says Obama is not welcome after his comments politicizing the shooting death of nine people at Umpaqua Community College.

Comment:  Do you think the President’s visit would be to honor the fallen of the Oregon shooting, or to push a political agenda?