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This One Diagram Could Help You Lose the Weight for Good! Just Find Which Number You Are!


As we age, we all seem to be joined in a common struggle – the battle of the bulge. That pizza and cheesecake have more consequences in middle age than when you were sixteen. And with added weight causing many health issues, it’s important to stay in shape. But, did you know where you carry your weight can say a lot about your health?

The changes you need to make to lose weight can be determined by where you carry your fat. According to Cuisine and Health, there are 6 different types of obesity. They are determined by where you carry your fat. And this also indicates a lot about your health.


1. Obesity of Food:

Especially prevalent in the West, obesity of food comes from eating too much, and diets high in sugar. Smaller portions, a reduction in sugar, and regular exercise can keep obesity of food at bay.

2. Obesity of Nervous Stomach:

Depression, stress, and anxiety can lead to obesity as well. Those suffering from obesity of a nervous stomach often self-medicate with sugary treats, so reducing the intake of sweets and addressing the source of the stress or depression will help.

3. Gluten Obesity:

Occurring most often in adolescent or menopausal women—those undergoing large hormonal changes—gluten obesity is best countered by avoiding smoking, drinking, and sitting for long periods, and exercising with weights.

4. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity:

With the classic “cannonball gut”, these people tend to carry the majority of their fat around their middles, which often causes trouble with breathing. Alcohol consumption must be reduced to deal with this type of obesity.

5. Obesity due to venous circulation:

This type of obesity tends to be inherited and usually occurs in people with swollen legs or pregnant women. Running or climbing stairs helps with venous circulation obesity.

6. Obesity of Inactivity:

Obesity of inactivity hits the parts of the body that used to be active, like when you stop working out. Eating meals at regular intervals can help combat obesity of inactivity by speeding up the metabolism.

You can use this information to discuss your health and an exercise routine with your doctor. I’m a number two, which is pretty telling. I haven’t met a chocolate dessert I don’t like.

Knowing the indicator of your problem can help you tackle the challenge of overcoming it. How will you use this information?

H/T: Diply