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This Proves Obama Used “Clock Boy” Ahmed for Political Gain

clock boy

The story of Ahmed Mohammad, the “clock boy,” was manipulated for political gain right from the get-go. The media told us that a Muslim student was ridiculously arrested for simply bringing a homemade clock to school. Just another example of Islamophobia, right?

It didn’t matter that Ahmed had been told by multiple teachers to put away the clock, that the clock actually did look like a bomb, or that Ahmed didn’t even build the clock in question. Ahmed was quickly given praise from national figures such as Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama.

President Obama tweeted “cool clock Ahmed,” and invited him to the White House. Unfortunately one is left to wonder how Obama was to know how “cool” this clock was considering that he sent that tweet out before even seeing a photograph of the clock.

To quote Townhall:

Last night, Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne revealed that the family of Ahmed Mohammed has repeatedly refused to meet with city officials, refused to released records exonerating police conduct, and that President Obama had tweeted about the case even before pictures of the so-called “clock” were publicly available.

Obama had no idea what Ahmed’s clock even looked like. He simply saw that a Muslim was suspended from school, and pounced on the opportunity for political gain. Meanwhile, veteran Chris Mintz, who was shot seven times attacking the Oregon school shooter, has yet to receive his White House invitation.

Why does the Obama administration rely on criminals and frauds like Michael Brown and Ahmed Mohammad to score political points, but not our veterans?

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Comments on “This Proves Obama Used “Clock Boy” Ahmed for Political Gain”

  1. Barbara says:

    Figures! Obama will do anything to enhance his own political gain and that just proves he’s a lousy example of a U.S. President!