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This Video Of An Elderly Dog Greeting A Returning Soldier Will Melt Your Heart!


Video of an elderly dog greeting her owner when she returns from basic training has gone viral. Once you see it you’ll know why. It is truly heartwarming.

21-year-old Hannah Foraker left her home in Cleveland last year to attend Army basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

In doing so, Foraker had to leave behind her 13-year-old golden retriever.

When she returned, her dog, Buddy, appeared to be overwhelmed by the sight of her owner.

Via ABC News:

A 13-year-old golden retriever was so excited to be reunited with her soldier owner after three months that the dog seemed to cry.

Army Pvt. Hannah Foraker, 21, had never been away from home before, until she left for basic training for three months. When she came home to Cleveland for a visit, her elderly golden retriever, Buddy, seemed to be the most excited.

“When I came home we let her outside and, at first, she didn’t realize I was home,” Foraker told ABC News. “Then, she did a double-take and came back to me. That’s when she started crying and whimpering. She was so excited.”

Check out the incredible reunion below:

The family says that with Foraker back home, Buddy has developed a new level of energy, following the soldier wherever she goes.

We bet Foraker has the same level of energy as well, having been reunited with her beloved dog.

Great stuff.

Comment: Did this video of a returning soldier reuniting with her elderly dog move you to tears? Share your thoughts below.