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This Viral Video Skewers White Privilege!

“White Privilege” is the latest buzzword from the left, attending to give a fancy academic sounding term to the basic fact that life isn’t fair. Among the other list of privileges include “male privilege, middle-class privilege, thin privilege, among many other of increasingly obscure “privileges.”

I personally can’t stand the term, which of used as an insult more often then not.

Paul Joseph Watson, a commenter for InfoWars known for his views on feminism and political correctness, released a video of why the notion of “white male privilege” is a myth.

In order to keep things on the lighter side, Watson used his usual sarcasm by saying that he loves these privileges, which are actually prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination that white men experience.

The YouTube user also pointed out that white males are collectively made to feel guilty about the slave trade despite the fact that the Islamic slave trade in the past was more brutal, killing 112 million black slaves.

He added that white males continue to be made to feel guilty despite the fact that “only 1.4 percent of whites owned slaves compared to 28 percent of free blacks who owned slaves.”

Now watch this:

H/T Inquisitr

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