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This White House Staffer Isn’t Anti-Gun… At Least She Wasn’t When She Used One to Do THIS!


The next time Barvetta Singletary comes into the office as a Special Assistant to the President and House Legislative Affairs Liaison, things are bound to get awkward. When the President takes aim at gun rights and pushes Singletary to get that message across in Congress… well, he might need to find someone else to do that job.

Earlier this week, Singletary, a staffer to one of the most anti-gun Presidents in American history, revealed she herself was familiar and comfortable with guns because she shot one in an argument with her boyfriend!

A local affiliate, NBC4, covered the lover’s quarrel, that ended in gunshots:

Investigators say Singletary asked her boyfriend to step outside, and they both went to his car. Once inside the car, Singletary asked to see her boyfriend’s cellphones, police said. When he refused, Singletary reached into his bag and retrieved two cellphones and the victim’s .40-caliber Glock 23 service weapon, charging documents state.

Singletary ran back into her home, and the victim followed, pleading with her to return his weapon.

Singletary demanded that the victim give her the passwords to the phones, but he refused, police said.

Singletary then pulled the gun out of its holster, pointed it at the victim and said, “You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,” the arrest warrant said.

When the victim again refused to give her the passwords, Singletary said, “Your phone is more important than me holding the gun on you.”

Singletary pointed the gun in the victim’s direction and fired one round into the sofa where the victim was sitting, police said.

According to a White House spokesperson, Singletary has been placed on unpaid leave while the charges are pending. There’s no word what the President, notorious for his refusal to fire anyone no matter the scandal, will do if Singletary is found guilty but doesn’t serve jail time. Would the White House really let a hothead with a history of gun grabbing from law enforcement back onto the grounds of the President’s home? Considering how blasé the White House is with the President’s security in light of the Secret Service scandals, it appears anything is possible.