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If You Thought American Politics Was Strange, Check Out This Scene From Ukraine!

star wars

Well, wookie here…

Apparently Star Wars star Chewbacca didn’t have The Force on his side when he was arrested at a polling station in the Ukraine for violating an election laws.

Via RT:

Chewbacca, a hairy spaceship mechanic, got handcuffed by police and fined $7.50 (170 hryvna in the local currency) for violating a law that forbids campaigning on election day. Despite being anything but buddies in Star Wars, on Sunday “Chewie” attempted to canvass voters for Darth Vader.

Aside from the scandal that comes from siding with Lord Vader, it actually gets worse for Chewie.  Despite being a household name and easily identifiable, Chewbacca was asked for and failed to produce valid identification.

The cops asked Chewbacca to show his papers!

Via The Guardian:

A statement posted on the official Instagram account of the Ukrainian police read: “Nothing unusual here, just Chewbacca detained for being without documents while driving Darth Vader to the elections in Odessa. The Sith Lord has already claimed this was illegal as Chewbacca is his pet and general servant and thus does not require documents.”

Police had earlier dragged “Chewbacca” from a polling station and put him in a van after accusing him of disrupting proceedings. The person in the costume said he had been there to support Darth Vader, who was attempting to vote.

In case you thought we were kidding, here’s video of Chewbacca being hauled off in handcuffs, a clear case of police brutality.  #WookieLivesMatter

And here he is awaiting judgment in the courthouse.

We scoff at this entire situation, as it’s very unlikely that Ukrainian law supersedes the Imperial Penal Code.

This might be a good time for his legal defense team to pull out the ol’ Chewbacca defense.

Comment: Should wookies be subject to voter ID and electioneering laws, or are they bound only by an intergalactic code of law?  Discuss below.