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Three of the Easiest And Best 4th Of July Desserts That Will WOW Your Whole Family!

Are you having a get together for July 4th? Don’t know what to serve for dessert? Here are some great ideas from across the web:

1. Betty Crocker’s Firecracker Cake

If you’re feeling up to a bit of a challenge, try out Betty Crocker’s edible version of a fireworks display. If you have two hours, a lot of food dye and several bowls, it too can be yours.



2. 4th of July Flag Sheet Cake

A slightly healthier version of a 4th of July cake can be found on AllRecipes.com. Here, the colors aren’t food dyes, but instead fruits. Blueberries are the blue, strawberries are the red, and vanilla icing makes up the rest.

Screenshot 2015-07-01 at 8.42.53 AM

3. Fruit kabobs

If you’re looking for the most simple, and the most healthy dessert option out there, it doesn’t get easier than fruit kabobs. The red can be strawberries, watermelon or cherries; the blue is blueberries and the white can be bananas, apples or pear. Here’s one example:



Comment below: What are you serving at your 4th of July BBQ?