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THUG Wanted To Set A Gas Station On Fire, But Then This Cop Showed Up [VIDEO]


Miami-Dade Police just released a video of an incident showing the stabbing of Officer Mario Gutierrez. Police say suspect Dominique Jean was trying to start a fire and cause and explosion in the fuel storage tanks at the Shell gas station.


Gutierrez initially tried to use a Tazer on the suspect, who fought through that and began stabbing Gutierrez numerous times with a large hunting knife and a screwdriver. Gutierrez was ultimately able to shoot and kill the suspect.

According to a local media report:

“What I noticed right away was 80-percent of that video, I don’t remember. I was doing things there that, to this day, I have no recollection of,” said Gutierrez.

The fog of battle erased the details, but Gutierrez remembers what saved his life.

“The determination to see my family. That to me was the most important thing. I did not want to die and never see them again,” he said.

Check out the video record:

Things have to be done to protect the many, even if that means taking out one thug. I am glad the police officer was around to stop this criminal from creating a large problem for everyone in the area.

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H/T – CBS12