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This Trump-Supporting Rapper Just Made An Outrageous Claim About Guns

Ice Cube

While filming the latest in the Barbershop franchise, rapper Ice Cube stepped away from the set to discuss his views on gun violence with a team from VH1. The entire interview aired in Behind The Movie: Exploring Chicago with the Cast of Barbershop: The Next Cut. But here’s the relevant point about guns.

From Breitbart:

One thing the government can do to combat gun violence is put a lid on the manufacturing of guns. I think we have enough guns on the streets. I think they need to really regulate the manufacturers and hopefully not make so many guns and not manufacture so many weapons.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed. Especially after Ice Cube made some awesome comments about Trump!

Where would we be without Ice Cube’s authoritative guidance? It isn’t as if he’s calling for a reduction in the number of guns on the street. In fact, it is just the opposite. There are “enough guns on the street.” And it isn’t how these guns are being misused that poses a significant risk, but the manufacturing that we need to address. That’s the root of the violence: the manufacturers.

How do you solve such a complex manufacturing issue? That’s a job for the next president, according to Ice Cube.

The candidate that I think is most effective to help the situation has got to be one of the Democrats ’cause it seems like the Republican Party is really, you know, an advocate for guns and the Second Amendment. I believe in the Second Amendment, but we got to have some common sense with it. It’ll be either Bernie or Hillary. I’m still not sure who I’m supporting. We’ll see.

Supporters of the Second Amendment should rest easy. Ice Cube has your back. “I support the Second Amendment, but….” It all comes down to common sense.

So why is it that I get nervous when I hear that “but…“?

Honestly, I think all Hollywood actors who come out against guns should never use guns in any other movies going forward. What do you think about Ice Cube’s decision to back a Democratic candidate?

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