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This Congressman Hates Cruz So Much, He Totally Melted Down On Live TV

Peter King

This election season is so strange. Half of Hollywood said they were going to move to another country if Bush was re-elected. They’re all still here and hosting fundraisers for Democrats.

Now, establishment Republican Rep. Peter King is doubling down on a shocking declaration he made earlier this year!

From Newsmax:

Rep. Pete King said Wednesday he would not take back his “cyanide” comment from earlier this week, and reiterated the fact that he does not support Ted Cruz for president.

This is the original statement by King – who didn’t pull punches:

I’m no fan of King, but I do appreciate at least ONE Republican standing up and letting Lyin’Ted’ know he’s not wanted.

Here is the continuation of the article:

King appeared on Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line” and told host Ed Berliner his remarks on Tuesday – “I hate Ted Cruz. I think I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination” — were partly in jest.

“I did it with a smile to some extent,” the New York Republican said. “And also what happened before with Joe Scarborough introducing me saying I had just been named the chairman of the Cruz for President Committee. These people watching this may think this is real. I just figured I would say something loudly.”

Here is today’s video where he doubled down:

I heard that today, and it was sickening. Rush Limbaugh was spouting that “Cruz is the only conservative in the race,” and when he started in with “all their lives people have been waiting for Cruz,” I was disgusted. It has been proven; Cruz is not the conservative he claims, and yet Rush keeps spewing that lie while never pointing out Cruz’s real lies. Rush turned about the same time it came out that Erik Erickson, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck had all fallen for Cruz. Rush’s bias doesn’t make any sense, in the beginning he was really good about being neutral, pointing out both the positive and negative, now it is Cruz all the time, and nothing but negative towards Trump.

I am also really tired of his daily stories of how he talked with his GOP friends but won’t name any of them; I would love to see his pal list.

Rush is also very aware that his listeners are not happy with him, and I think it is getting under his skin. And now we know why Rep. King doesn’t like Cruz!

Do you think representative King meant what he said about taking cyanide or do you think it was just a weird joke? Do you believe there is a major dislike of Cruz in Congress if so leave your comments below and let us know what you think.