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Supreme Court Makes SHOCKING Decision On Concealed Carry!


After a lengthy battle regarding the right to carry firearms on United States Postal Service property, including the parking lot, the Supreme Court has finally weighed in and it seems the U.S. Supreme Court has apparently lost their minds by deciding you do not have the right to bear arms in the Post Office, or even lock up your gun in the parking lot of postal facilities.

To say you can’t carry the gun all day if you want to stop at the post office at some point is disingenuous at best. To remain legal, all one would have to do is park on the street or at a neighboring lot and leave the firearm locked in the vehicle. Not a satisfactory solution really but one that allows you to have the firearm throughout the day without breaking the law.

By choosing not to hear the case, the Supreme Court left the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the current ban on firearms in government buildings as the law of the land. The reasoning behind the decision is stunning.

We have jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1291 and conclude that the regulation is constitutional as to all USPS property at issue in this case, including the Avon Post Office parking lot, because the Second Amendment right to bear arms has not been extended to “government buildings.”

You read that right; the 10th Circuit said that the right to bear arms has not been “extended” to government buildings.


The justices chose not to hear the case of Tab Bonidy, a Colorado concealed carry licence holder, who was told he could neither carry his firearm nor leave it in his car while getting mail at the local post office.

Does this mean that workers who work there are, by law, denied the ability to protect themselves from attack? This, of course, would extend to the carriers, since they are by extension, part of the Post Office.

Most states consider your car an extension of your home, and you do not even need a permit. The Firearms Owners Protection Act allows you safe passage even in anti-gun states, yet you can’t even drive onto the postal property.

Something needs to change here. All I hear is “common sense gun laws” and then you thnk about this decision…Is this common sense? Then again the most uncommon thing in the world is common sense.


Since when does the only right that “shall not be infringed” now has to be extended to apply?

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Doesn’t it seem like every day our rights are challenged to the point where they may be taken away at the drop of a hat? Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling of not ruling on the case? Share your opinions (below) and let us know how you feel. Share this on your Twitter and Facebook timeline.



  1. Dennis says:

    I think it is foolish to think that the US Supreme court is here to protect your rights as a citizens. They are very political to me. Now they can play the 4×4 game and do nothing. Religious rights don’t bet your job on this. A case where a man who joined a church that doesn’t believe in working on Sunday lost his job because of not working on Sunday. He took the case to the Supreme Court and they came back with a 4×4 decision. There was another justice but somehow the other justice didn’t have to vote. They didn’t not want to give this man his job back.

  2. Bo says:

    There really was no need for the Supreme Court to waste its time on this case right now. Until we have a 7th justice, any case like this is already a foregone conclusion, an even tie. Once they have a 7th justice, I imagine they would take up the case.

  3. montanagirl100 says:

    Hey! All the old Western Movies have the Cowboys and Cowgirls going into Post Offices with their pistols, right?