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I Can’t Believe Obama Did THIS After The Brussels Terrorist Attack!

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The world burns and Barack Obama dances. What a narcissistic display of total detachment from the victims of ISIS. The rise of ISIS is laid at his worthless feet and yes I said it. I will go even further to say a community organizer who should have never been president, and I know I will have a lot of support.

Too bad he hasn’t shown half as much interest in running the country and figuring out a REAL plan to defeat ISIS; doing something REAL about our national debt instead of doubling it to almost 20 trillion; uniting our nation instead of being intentionally divisive as he has been….the list goes on and on and on!

From CNN:

When in Argentina, dance the tango.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama tangoed with professional dancers Wednesday during a state dinner at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires.

The event started with a dance performance for the guests at the dinner. A couple of dancers performed while Argentine President Mauricio Macri explained aspects of the dance to Obama. The first lady appeared taken with the performance, according to pool notes.

The female dancer then asked Obama to floor while the male performer requested the same of Michelle.

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Republican presidential contenders called on him to cut short his vacation in Cuba and get back to Washington to deal with the crisis in Europe in the wake of Brussels bombings. But he said that keeping to his schedule was his way of dealing with the threat of terror.

So he equates sticking with his partying in Cuba and Argentina with the real bravery of citizens of Brussels boarding commuter trains and going about their daily business, where they are under a real threat of another of another bombing or some other coordinated attack. Pathetic.

Hillary though has been praising Obama and saying how proud she has been to be a part of his administration. Her great success is dealing with terror in Benghazi, don’t you know? Does the country want another four years of this?

Watch this video of the tippy-toed Commander-In-Chief:

This family will have a hard time getting used to life outside the White House. Not having Air Force One at their disposal may even throw them into shock. It’ll be a struggle for them. I hope America has learned something from this!

I always said Obama was a dancer. What are your feelings about Obama parting the night away only a couple of days after ISIS claimed responsibility for attacking Brussels leaving over 30 dead and more injured? Give us your opinions (below) and share this on your Twitter and Facebook timeline.